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Total price = Artist Fee + Rigging Fee + Travel costs 

Reach me on my contact page for a personalised quote.
I'm happy to offer letters of confirmation and price for any funding applications on request. 
A partial fee reduction may be available for some charity events. 


Artist Fee: £700+
-    Hire of Aerial Artist Hannah Anderson (Faerialist) for a total of four (4) consecutive hours onsite (after rigging) 
-    Four (4) sets of 10-15 minute ambient aerial performances on aerial silks or aerial hoop (client’s choice) to existing music in the venue (within the four hours)
-    Public Liability Insurance up to £10,000,000 
-    Artist with 8+ years’ experience, specifically in aerial acrobatics/aerial dance
-    Artist’s costume hire

Artist’s Rigging Fee (excludes additional riggers if required*): £300+
-    Hire of free-standing aerial rig
-    Artist’s rigging fee

Travel costs: (£ dependant on distance)
-    £0.50 per mile from artist’s residence in Belfast (to and from venue, if travelling by car)
-    Any airfare/other transport costs (if applicable)
-    Accommodation (if applicable)


* The artist (Hannah Anderson) requires two (2) reasonably strong people (no back problems) to help with setting up and deconstructing the aerial rig (about 30 minutes setup and 20 minutes to deconstruct). These can be provided by the client or hired by the artist at an additional cost to the client. The artist assumes no liability for any potential injury caused to the client’s assistants during set-up or derigging. An example of what is required can be viewed here

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